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A Linked Data backend to manage resources and their metadata


EntryStore is the reference implementation of the Resource and Metadata Management Model (ReM3). ReM3 is an information model for keeping track of resources and their metadata and provides a unique approach to information management. It allows web pages, physical objects, abstract concepts, events, etc. to be described by established metadata standards and to be managed in a single system.

So called "entries" are used for handling resources and their various metadata graphs, and to keep track of administrative information. EntryStore is completely built around entries for managing all information, therefore also the name.

Core features

The gist of EntryStore is its flexible information model (the Resource and Metadata Management Model - short ReM³) for working with entries, i.e. resources and descriptive information about these resources. The resources can be located anywhere and be disparate things like uploaded files, multimedia content, calendar events, people, concepts, products, or anything else that can be identified by a URI.

Entries can be private or be shared with others. An important principle is that entries can be connected with other entries in various ways, for example via relations. EntryScape is an example of an application that has been built on top of EntryStore.

  • An Entry is a resource, information about the resource (metadata), and administrative information about the resource and its information (metametadata)
  • Entries are managed in contexts
  • Entries can be used to manage and annotate resources and metadata originating from other systems
  • A resource can be almost anything, e.g. files, links, events, people, concepts, products, etc.
  • Different types of resources can be described with different properties using a very flexible metadata annotation framework
  • Entries can be aggregated in lists (in addition to contexts)
  • Entries can be connected using predicates
  • New resource types, new metadata profiles and new relations can be created almost ad-hoc
  • Implementation of standards for information representation, especially W3C standards - this allows for an easy integration with other systems that support the same standards
  • EntryStore is built on a triple store and therefore natively supports RDF, SPARQL, and related technologies

Backend of EntryScape

EntryStore was developed to serve as backend for the information management application EntryScape.

EntryScape is a web application that manages resources and their associated metadata in EntryStore. The EntryScape repository front-end is built on top of EntryStore's REST API.

Commercial support

The company MetaSolutions provides professional support and services around EntryScape, EntryStore and RDForms.

Contributing organizations

EntryStore and EntryScape are being actively developed by MetaSolutions AB.

The following organizations have contributed to the development of earlier versions of EntryStore (then: SCAM) and EntryScape (then: Confolio) in the context of various international research projects:


MetaSolutions AB licenses this work under the terms of the Apache License 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. See the LICENSE.txt file distributed with this work for the full License.