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Sesame built-in stores

EntryStore supports all backends that are native to Sesame, i.e., memory and native store, but also SPARQL and HTTP repositories. See the configuration example for information on how to configure them.

The following sections provide some pointers to documentation on how to get started with some well-known triple stores.

Ontotext OWLIM

OWLIM can be configured as repository in the Sesame workbench and accessed as HTTP repository from EntryStore. See the Ontotext's tutorial on how to get OWLIM into the workbench.

Like OWLIM, it is easiest to connect to Virtuoso through a remote HTTP repository that is set up in the Sesame workbench. See Virtuoso's tutorial "Sesame HTTP Repository Configuration and Usage" on accessing Virtuoso via the Sesame workbench.

AllegroGraph RDFStore

Untested. Can probably be used via HTTP or SPARQL repository.