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List sorting

Sort parameters can be used to influence the result of a list request for both an entry and a resource of a list.



Determines whether the result should be ascending or descending.

Possible values:

  • asc
  • desc

Example: order=asc

Sort type

Determines which criteria should be sorted after. Several options:

  • title (title of the resource)
  • modified (modification date)
  • created (creation date)
  • size (file size)

Example: sort=title


Language can be used in connection with sort=title. It determines which language of the title should be prioritized.

Pattern: lang={langcode}

Prioritizing a Graph Type

In the default setting the priority of all Graph Types is equal. If a Graph Type should get a higher priority (and therefore show up above entries with a different Graph Type) the prio parameter can be used. The following example prioritizes Lists over other entries: prio=List

All Graph Types known to EntryStore can be used as a value for this parameter.

Please note that the value of this parameter is case-sensitive!


The following example makes use of all possible parameters. The list _top is sorted after the english titles of the contained entries, in a ascending order and with the folders showing up first: