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EntryStore installation


A Linux-based Operating System is recommended, however, the following prerequisites can also be fulfilled by other Operating Systems:

  • A Java Runtime Environment, version 7 or higher
  • Maven 3
  • Apache Tomcat 6 or higher

Installation from WAR


EntryStore WAR files can be downloaded from All stable versions and the latest snapshot are available from there.


You can deploy EntryStore by placing it into Tomcats webapps directly. If Tomcat is running the WAR will be uncompressed and deployed automatically. Without configuration, however, EntryStore will fail to start as it requires that a configuration file named is found in the class path. It is recommended to place it at WEB-INF/classes/ in the folder structure of the uncompressed WAR.

Keep in mind that the folder (and the configuration file) is removed if the WAR is redeployed, so make sure that you have a copy of the configuration available.

See next section for configuration instructions.


EntryStore is configured through a property file, an example file resides at modules/rest/src/main/resources/entrystore.properties_example.

The following parameters have to be configured individually depending on your system's configuration, especially the path values of the following properties need attention because they need to be writable by the user under which Tomcat is executed.

  • entrystore.baseurl.folder: This is the URL to the EntryStore Tomcat container how it is reachable via HTTP. It is important that this value is the same as the Tomcat URL plus the containers name and that it ends with a slash ("/").
  • The local folder where the uploaded files are going to be stored.
  • entrystore.backup.folder: The local folder where the backups are going to be stored.
  • The path to the local folder where the metadata store is going to be stored. Please observe that this is the only value which is a file-URL (file://).

Which other parameters need to be configured depends on your use case, e.g. for a simple test instance it is possible to leave the remaining parameters untouched.

You may find explanations for the remaining parameters directly in the example configuration or in the Knowledge Base on this page.

Optional: Manually building EntryStore

Source code

The source code is available from the Git repository hosted at Bitbucket.


Maven is used to build EntryStore and its sub-projects. To build EntryStore run the following commands:

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install

This builds all necessary sub-projects of EntryStore. During the build process, Maven downloads code (build dependencies) which it needs from remote Maven repositories. Keep in mind that Maven needs to download code from remote servers, especially the first time it is used on a freshly checked out project. Once all build dependencies are cached locally, the build process will be faster.


The configuration instructions for the pre-built WAR-file apply also for the manual build, see above.

During the building process the configuration files are copied to store/modules/rest/target/entrystore-{VERSION}/WEB-INF/classes/.

This means that you can edit the configuration files directly there without rebuilding EntryStore. You have to restart EntryStore in the Tomcat manager or restart Tomcat to bring the new configuration into action.

Deploying a manual build in Tomcat

You can point Tomcat directly to the built folder structure using a configuration file in /var/lib/tomcat{VERSION}/conf/Catalina/localhost/.

There you simply create a file called store.xml which contains the following lines (adapt the path to your configuration):


Once the XML configuration is in place Tomcat automatically deploys the new context. If this for some reason does not happen you may need to restart Tomcat.