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Creation of groups with contexts as non-admin user

Administrators are able to create groups and contexts through the usual API, but there are use cases where even non-admin users may want to create a group with linked home context.

This feature needs to be explicitly activated in the configuration:|off (default: off)

The request below creates a group and a context. The requesting user is given administrative rights on both the context and the group. The newly created group get write access on the context's resource.

POST {base}/_principals/groups?name=name-group-and-context

The only parameter name determines the name of the newly created group and context.

The return values are:

  • 201: Group and context successfully created. Contains the group's URI in the HTTP location header.
  • 403: The requesting user must be logged in.
  • 409: A group or context with the provided name exists already.
  • 500: Internal server error.